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Braid's Books-Character Education Resources for Educators


Bibliotherapy for Elementary School Counselors

The Tattle Tail Tale

The Lavender Llama

Little No Speak

Shady Brady

Sticky Finger Consequences

The Bully Book

This website was put together to assist other Elementary School Counselors throughout the country with locating resources on various topics that educators deal with on a daily basis.

Braid's Books

The six books that I have written were inspired for me to write when, in many instances, I went looking for resources in my capacity as an Elementary School Counselor and was unable to locate some for various topics that I deal with in my day-to-day duties.  The first one, The Lavender Llama, was inspired for me to write when I was interning, I went looking for resources about being bi-racial, and was not able to find anything adressing this issue.  So I wrote this rhyming story about a llama whose Mom is red and Dad is blue. 

The second story I wrote was inspired for me to write when I was in the school library and a second grader was tattling to our librarian.  I told her if she kept tattling she was going to grow a tail and every time she tattled it would get longer and longer...the librarian told me I should write a children's story about it and I went home and woke up at 3:00 am with a little rhyme in my brain and I wrote it down and played with it and it grew until it became The Tattle Tail Tale.

The third story was about a child I had who would not speak and had Selective Mutism.  It is about a baby chicken who refuses to speak for fear of being wrong. The Counselor bird (an owl) tells her that it is ok to make mistakes...that is how we learn.

The fourth book, Sticky Finger Consequences was written when I went looking for resources on stealing and couldn't locate a childrens book on the topic.  So I wrote the book and illustrated it too.

The fifth book is about bullying and how a student should utilize the resource of the counselor to assist with a bullying situation.

The sixth book, my school district asked me to write one on cheating, thus Shady Brady was born. 

You can order these books through the link below:

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To order all of the Braid's Books at a cost of 65.00, click here!

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This is a picture of my husband, Doug, with Cameron and Jordan at Imagination Station in the Shenandoah Mountains. 
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